Radio Still Sucks with Jeff T 05/23/2016 10:00PM to 12:00AM

Matt and Kim “Hey now” from “Human Performance”
Mike Monday “Bad Wind (With a Touch of Acid)” from “Songs Without Words”
The Raised By Wolves “Gorgeously Yours” from “Suspend Your Disbelief”
Pet Symmetry “A Detailed and Poetic Physical Threat to the Person Who Intentionally Vandalized My 1994 Dodge Intrepid Behind Kate’s Apartment” from “Two Songs About Cars. Two Songs with Long Titles. – Single”
Parquet Courts “Pathos Prarie” from “Human Performance”
Teen Suicide “I Don’t Think It’s Too Late” from “It’s the Big Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir the Honeypot”
Windmill “Jim and the Rather Large Nectarine” from “Quiet, Constant Friends”
Paul Simon “Obvious Child” from “The Rhythm Of The Saints [Bonus Tracks]”
The Shins “So Now What” from “Wish I Was Here (Music From the Motion Picture)”
The Weepies “Mend” from “Wish I Was Here (Music From the Motion Picture)”
Friends of the Library “Snow and Sand” from “A Rolling Blackout”
Aden “I Knew You Would Go” from “Black Cow”
Cinema Hearts “I Want You (But I Don’t Need You)” from “Feels Like Forever”
The Pipettes “Pull Shapes” from “We Are the Pipettes”
The Muffs “Just a game” from “Blonder and Blonder”
Rancid “radio” from “Let’s go”
The Thermals “Always Never Be” from “We Disappear”
Fang Island “The Illinois” from “Fang Island (Deluxe Edition)”
The Ataris “In This Diary” from “So Long, Astoria”
The Ataris “The Radio Still Sucks” from “Short Music For Short People”
Blink-182 “Bored to Death” from “California”
Alkaline Trio “You’re dead” from “From Here to Infirmary” (there isn’t any POOP in the sky, pam)
Wintersleep “amerika” from “The Great Detachment”
Smog “The Well” from “A River Ain’t Too Much to Love”
Hallelujah the Hills “Realistic Birthday Music” from “A Band Is Something to Figure Out”
David Bazan “With You” from “Blanco”
Flor “Heart” from “Sounds – EP”
Ingrid Michaelson “Hell No” from “Hell No – Single”
Cinema Hearts “Daydreaming” from “Feels Like Forever”
Rosie Thomas “The One I Love” from “All the Way from Michigan Not Mars (Audio Version)”