Radio Still Sucks with Jeff T 05/20/2016 5:00PM to 6:00PM

The Rentals “Overlee” from “Seven More Minutes”
Looper “Up a Tree Again” from “Up a Tree”
Liz Phair “Perfect World” from “Whitechocolatespaceegg”
Sakert “Dancing, Though” from “Pa Engelska”
Aden “Why Can’t I Make You Happy?” from “Black Cow”
Windmill “The Planning Stopped” from “Puddle City Racing Lights”
Dr. Frank “Population: Us” from “Show Business Is My Life”
Magnapop “My Best Friend” from “Rubbing Doesn’t Help”
John Linnell “Montana” from “State Songs”
Jeff Mangum “I Love How You Love Me” from “Live at Jittery Joe’s”
Atom & His Package “Seed Song” from “Redefining Music”
The Mountain Goats “You Were Cool” from “You Were Cool”
The Kingsbury Manx “Pageant Square” from “The Kingsbury Manx”
Marbles “Sun to Shine” from “Pyramid Landing and Other Favorites”
Work of Saws “Ficticious Town of Pomador” from “Motivation and Watertower Grammer”
Mr. T Experience “How’d the Date End” from “…and the women who love them (special edition)”
The Good Life “Black Out” from “Black Out”