Radio Still Sucks with Jeff T 10/24/2016 10:00PM to 12:00AM

Sprites “Requirements for DJs” from “Modern Gameplay”
Tullycraft “Polaroids from Mars” from “Disenchanted Hearts Unite”
Matt and Kim “Hey now” from “New Glow”
mewithoutYou “The Fox, The Crow and the Cookie” from “It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All a Dream! It’s Alright”
matt pond PA “the Glow” from “Winter Lives”
Dawes “All Your Favorite Bands” from “All Your Favorite Bands”
The Weepies “learning to Fly” from “Sirens”
Johnny Cash and Fiona Apple “Father and son” from “Unearthed”
Red Light Distraction “Red Light Distraction Takes Your Girlfriend Out To Dinner” from “Red Light Distraction – EP”
Rainer Maria “Atlantic” from “Atlantic – EP”
Lucy Dacus “Strange Torpedo” from “No Burden”
Ida Maria “oh my god” from “Fortress Round My Heart”
Vampire Weekend “Step (feat. Danny Brown, Heems & Despot)” from “Unbelievers – EP”
Emmy the Great “Go Far (From Mystery Show)” from “Go Far (From Mystery Show) – Single”
Windmill “The Planning Stopped” from “Puddle City Racing Lights”
School of Seven Bells “Windstorm” from “Disconnect from Desire”
Atom and His Package “I’m Downright Amazed (At What I Can Destroy With Just a Hammer)” from “Hair: Debatable”
Fang Island “Chompers” from “Major”
Built To Spill “Living Zoo” from “Untethered Moon”
Slaughter Beach, Dog “Mallrat Semi-Annual” from “Welcome”
Modern Baseball “mass” from “Holy Ghost”
The Interrupters “by my side” from “Say It out Loud”
Elf Power “The Great Society” from “The Winter Is Coming”
Terror Pigeon “Scarfs Are Just Blankets for Snakes” from “Live It up Before You Die It up!”
Defiance, Ohio “Condition 11:11” from “The Great Depression”
Chris Farren “Everything’s My Fault” from “Can’t Die”
John K. Samson “Www.Ipetitions.Com/Petition/Rivertonrifle/” from “Provincial”
JPNSGRLS “circus” from “Divorce”
Laura Gibson “Two Kids” from “Empire Builder”
Swearing At Motorists “No More James Dean” from “More Songs From The Mellow Struggle”
The Paranoid Style “Certain Lists” from “Rolling Disclosure”
John Congleton & The Nighty Nite “You Are Facing the Wrong Way” from “Until the Horror Goes”
Of Montreal “The Gay Parade Outro” from “The Gay Parade”