Radio Still Sucks with Jeff T 01/09/2017 10:00PM to 12:00AM

David Bowie “‘Tis a Pity She Was a Whore” from “Blackstar”
The Spook School “David Bowie Songs” from “Binary – Single”
Tullycraft “Radio Theme” from “Beat Surf Fun”
AJJ “White Worms” from “The Bible 2”
Sorority Noise “Nick Kwas Christmas Party” from “Forgettable”
Ramona “Tarantism” from “Sad Brunch – EP”
Notches “Don’t Care About You” from “High Speed Crimes”
The Sun Days “Busy People” from “Album”
The So So Glos “Going out Swingin'” from “Kamikaze”
Violent Femmes “I’m Not Done” from “We Can Do Anything”
Parquet Courts “Berlin Got Blurry” from “Human Performance”
Ask for Joy “Slow Kiss” from “New Private Window”
Summer Cannibals “Talk over Me” from “Full of It”
Port Juvee “Bleached out Soda Pop” from “Crimewave”
The Peep Tempel “Totality” from “Joy”
Hurry “When I’m with you” from “Guided Meditation”
Chook Race “Start anew” from “Around the House”
Radiohead “Burn the Witch” from “A Moon Shaped Pool”
Free Cake For Every Creature “All You Gotta Be When You’re 23 Is Yourself” from “Talking Quietly of Anything with You”
The Julie Ruin “Calverton” from “Hit Reset”
Eskimeaux “drunk” from “Year of the Rabbit – EP”
PJ Harvey “The Community of Hope” from “The Hope Six Demolition Project”
Tiny Blue Ghost “Wash Me Out” from “The Road – EP”
Weekend Friends “She’s so cool.” from “Crushed”
T-Rextasy “Sorry Not Sorry” from “Jurassic Punk”
Better Now “It’ll Be Fun” from “Words and Wires”
Tacocat “Men Explain Things to Me” from “Lost Time”
Pity Sex “plum” from “White Hot Moon”
The Heligoats “Snakes, Jellyfish, Sandcastles” from “Back to the Lake”
Great American Canyon Band “Only You Remain” from “Only You Remain”
Islands “fiction” from “Should I Remain Here at Sea?”
Catfish and the Bottlemen “emily” from “The Ride”
Jank “This Is a Song About My Bike Ralph and It’s Called Ralph” from “Versace Summer”
The Wet Secrets “I Can Swing a Hammer” from “I Can Live Forever – EP”
Pkew Pkew Pkew “Let’s Order a Pizza” from “Pkew Pkew Pkew”
R.E.M. “Me on Keyboard (Me in Honey) (Demo)” from “Out of Time (25th Anniversary Edition)”
Sleeping At Last “You Wouldn’t Like Me” from “You Wouldn’t Like Me – Single”
Laura Gibson & Dave Depper “And Where Were You? (30 Days, 30 Songs)” from “And Where Were You? (30 Days, 30 Songs) – Single”
David Karsten Daniels “Postpartum Blues” from “The Teacher”