Our live fill in program with Tom Wallace from OAF Music ( http://www.facebook.com/oafmusic/ ).

This Is Not A Show with Tom Wallace 2017-05-19 18:00:00 to 20:00:00

Fine Times “Bad::Better” from “Bad::Better EP”
Ivy “Corners of Your Mind” from “In the Clear”
Tom Waits “Danny Says” from “Orphans”
Matt and Kim “AM / FM Sound” from “Sidewalks (Bonus Edition)”
The Popinjays “Vote Elvis (U.S. Mix)” from “Too Jung – EP”
Camp Cope “Flesh and Electricity” from “Camp Cope”
Run River North “David Robinson” from “Drinking from a Salt Pond”
Miss Mary “The Cutest Boy” from “Hey Blue!”
Pree “Lemon tree” from “Folly”
Curved Air “Back Street Luv” from “Second Album”
Claudia Malibu “UFO” from “We’ll Find You”
Laura Veirs “Wide-Eyed, Legless” from “July Flame”
Alvvays “Next of Kin” from “Alvvays”
Fawn and Rabbit “Too Tired to Run” from “Twin Universities”
Stornoway “Zorbing” from “Beachcomber’s Windowsill”
The Magnetic Fields “’74: No” from “50 Song Memoir”
Brian Carpenter and the Confessions “Lost at Sea” from “The Far End of the World”
Feist “I’m Not Running Away” from “pleasure”
My New Mixtape “Talk the Walk” from “Alone Together Forever”
Am/Fm “If We Burned All the Assholes the Earth Would Look Like the Sun” from “Getting Into Sinking”
Conor Oberst “Next of Kin” from “Salutations”
Herman Brood & His Wild Romance “Old Memories” from “Go Nutz”
Advance Base “The Only Other Girl from Back Home (Live)” from “In Bloomington”
Bones & Beeker “oh lord” from “Bones & Beeker”
The Trash Can Sinatras “Hayfever” from “I’ve Seen Everything”
Harvey Danger “The Show Must Not Go On” from “single”
Ultimate Painting “I Can’t Run Anymore” from “Dusk”
Papadosio “Distant Days” from “Extras In A Movie”