Hey everybody.
we hope you’re having a great early fall and are getting ready for the rapidly approaching holiday season. As most of you know we’ve had our hands full with our new daughter, but we have a lot of great stuff coming up for you before the new year that we wanted to briefly talk about.

So, pardon the temporary increase in rebroadcasts of shows you probably haven’t heard before. And, if you missed any of them, we had some pretty awesome themed shows recently that I think you’d enjoy. For example: Episode 62 was a show made entirely for my new daughter, with some of my favorite songs and bands and tracks I thought she’ll really like some day. Episode 64 featured an entire hour of a tribute to the late, great, Tom Petty. Episode 65 was all punk, pop punk, and a sprinkling of something approaching hardcore, which we hadn’t really played much of on our program. All of these are available on this very site.

And we’re just as excited about what’s coming up next. We have a brand new show with almost entirely new music on November 27th. On December 4th we celebrate WERA’s 2 year birthday with something special, including our first ever FUND DRIVE! (SUPPORT US!). On December 11th we feature our annual BEST OF 2017 SHOW. Well, really it’s our annual best of show. This year just happens to be 2017. On December 18th we feature our second annual Holiday/Christmas show. The best of classic holiday tunes mixed into a wide assortment of indie rock holiday stuff you probably have never heard before but, god willing, will become classics for our children some day.

Happy November. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy everything.

i’m forever grateful for your ears and time. rock on. thanks for listening.