Radio Still Sucks with Jeff T 2017-11-13 22:00:00 to 00:00:00

Beans On Toast “Open Door Policy” from “Cushty”
CAKE “Sheep Go to Heaven” from “Prolonging The Magic”
The Presidents of the United States of America “Naked and Famous” from “The Presidents of the United States of America (10th Aniversary Edition)”
Soul Coughing “Janine” from “Ruby Vroom”
The Turtles “Cat In the Window” from “Wooden Head”
John K. Samson “Prayer For Ruby Elm (May We Grow Film Version)” from “Prayer For Ruby Elm (May We Grow Film Version) – Single”
Frightened Rabbit “Roadless” from “Recorded Songs – Single”
Ida Maria “oh my god” from “Fortress Round My Heart”
The Pretty Reckless “oh my god” from “Who You Selling For”
JPNSGRLS “oh my god” from “Divorce”
A Tribe Called Quest “Oh My God” from “Midnight Marauders”
David Bowie “Space Oddity (1979 Version) [2017 Remastered Version]” from “Re:Call 3”
David Bowie “Ashes to Ashes (2017 Remastered Version)” from “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)”
R.E.M. “Devil Rides Backwards (Demo)” from “Automatic for the People (25th Anniversary Edition)”
Ball Park Music “Exactly How You Are” from “Exactly How You Are – Single”
The Homeless Gospel Choir “6th Grade” from “Presents: Normal”
The Homeless Gospel Choir “Holy Shit” from “Presents: Normal”
Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer “There’s That One Person You’ll Never Get Over No Matter How Long It’s Been” from “Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer”
Beach Slang “Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas (Quiet Slang)” from “We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags – EP”
Lucy Wainwright Roche “last time” from “There’s a last time for everything”
Looming “smoke” from “Seed”
The Rentals “Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad” from “Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad – Single”
Radiohead “fake plastic trees” from “The Bends”
A Giant Dog “fake plastic trees” from “Toy”
The Doubleclicks “Juneau” from “Love Problems”
Jessica Lea Mayfield “meadow” from “Sorry Is Gone”
Neil Young “Powderfinger” from “Hitchhiker”
John Lennon “Imagine” from “Imagine”
Car Seat Headrest “War Is Coming (If You Want It)” from “War Is Coming (If You Want It) – Single”
Mo Troper “Dictator out of Work” from “Exposure & Response”