Radio Still Sucks with Jeff T 2018-06-04 22:00:00 to 00:00:00

The Flaming Lips “We Can’t Predict The Future” from “single”
Common Holly “nothing” from “Playing House”
QUARTERBACKS “Center” from “Quarterboy”
She & Him “She Gives Her Love to Me” from “She Gives Her Love to Me – Single”
Jimmy Eat World “Half Heart” from “Love Never / Have Heart”
Speedy Ortiz “Villain” from “Twerp Verse”
Liz Phair “Fuck and Run (Girly-Sound Version)” from “The Girly-Sound Tapes”
Remember Sports “The 1 Bad Man” from “Slow Buzz”
Active Bird Community “Spend the Night” from “Spend the Night – Single”
KOLARS “King of Carrot Flowers” from “King of Carrot Flowers – Single”
Andrew Jackson Jihad “2 Headed Boy” from “Under the Influence, Vol. 6: 2 Headed Boy – Single”
Neutral Punk Hotel “Skolland, 1945” from “Neutral Punk Hotel – Never Mind the Aeroplane Over the Sea…”
Tweehouse “In the Aeroplane over the Sea” from “Tweewheelin’ – EP”
Forth Wanderers “Taste” from “Forth Wanderers”
Eureka California “Mexican Coke” from “Roadrunners”
Wussy “Getting Better” from “Getting Better – EP”
Illuminati Hotties “Shape of My Hands'” from “Kiss Yr Frenemies”
Matt and Kim “Where Do We Go From Here?” from “Almost Everyday”
Yawn Mower “The Woods” from “Could Eat, Would Sleep – EP”
Pennywise “American Lies” from “Never Gonna Die”
Pennywise “Can’t Save You Now” from “Never Gonna Die”
The Pandoras “It’s Getting Harder All the Time” from “Hey! It’s the Pandoras”
Wild Pink “Lake Erie” from “Yolk in the Fur”
The LLC “you” from “Songs from the Chris Gethard Show – Single”
Winnebago Vacation “You Can’t Trust People” from “Winnebago Vacation”
Fuck Your Birthday “Cargo Shorts” from “Cargo Shorts – Single”
The Fratellis “Sugartown” from “In Your Own Sweet Time”
The Wonder Years “It Must Get Lonely” from “Sister Cities”
The Goldberg Sisters “Dear Mr. Nilsson” from “Home: A Nice Place to Visit”
CHVRCHES “miracle” from “Love Is Dead”
The Lighthouse and The Whaler “Future Blind” from “Future Blind – Single”
Phoebe Bridgers, Noah Gundersen & Abby Gundersen “Killer + the Sound” from “Killer + the Sound – Single”