Radio Still Sucks with Jeff T 2018-07-09 22:00:00 to 00:00:00

Johnny Cash “All over Again” from “I Walk the Line”
Johnny Cash “Ballad of a Teenage Queen” from “Johnny Cash Sings: The Songs That Made Him Famous”
Paul Baribeau “Never Get to Know” from “Paul Baribeau”
The LLC “Hello, My name is: Stressed” from “Songs from the Chris Gethard Show – Single”
The Get Up Kids “Better This Way” from “Kicker – EP”
The New Pornographers “Adventures in Solitude” from “Challengers”
Neko Case “Curse of the I-5 Corridor” from “Hell-On”
Damien Jurado “Percy Faith” from “The Horizon Just Laughed”
Frightened Rabbit “The Modern Leper (Live)” from “Quietly Now ! – Midnight Organ Fight Live and Acoustic At the Captains Rest”
Adult Mom “same” from “Soft Spots”
The Extra Glenns “Somebody Else’s Parking Lot In Sebastopol” from “Martial Arts Weekend”
The Front Bottoms “Somebody Else” from “Ann – EP”
Remember Sports “Temporary Tattoo” from “Slow Buzz”
Remember Sports “The 1 Bad Man” from “Slow Buzz”
Liz Phair “Easy (Girly-Sound Version)” from “The Girly-Sound Tapes”
Active Bird Community “Unwind With Me” from “Amends”
Wild Pink “This is a Ledger” from “This is a Ledger – single”
CHVRCHES “forever” from “Love Is Dead”
Death Cab for Cutie “Gold Rush” from “Thank You for Today”
An Horse “Get Out Somehow” from “Get Out Somehow – Single”
Modern Baseball “Broken Cash Machine” from “You’re Gonna Miss It All”
Slaughter Beach, Dog “Mallrat Semi-Annual” from “Dawg EP”
Slaughter Beach, Dog “Friend Song” from “Birdie”
Free Cake For Every Creature “Around You” from “Around You – Single”
Dan Mangan “Troubled Mind” from “Troubled Mind – Single”
Ghost Mice “This Is the End of the World” from “Dark Times”
Ezra Bell “Flouridated Water” from “Ezra Bell”
The Lighthouse and The Whaler “Into the Unknown” from “Into the Unknown – Single”
Joan Of Arc “Punk Kid” from “Punk Kid – Single”
Notches “Sunscreen” from “Single EP”
God Is an Astronaut “Seance Room” from “Epitaph”

happy birthday.