this show originally aired on june 8th.
it features all acoustic punk rock tunes where I tried to help myself deal with covid in late may and early june. oh how things have gotten worse.


Jeff Mangum “Where You’ll Find Me Now” from Live at Jittery Joe’s

Yo La Tengo “Living In The Country” from Ride The Tiger

Defiance Ohio “Condition 11:11” from The Great Depression

Dollar Signs “I Hope I Don’t Fuck This Up” from Yikes

Two Knights “Dear God, This Parachute Is a Knapsack” from Shut Up

The Wild “Our Cities” from A Collection

Paul Baribeau “Ten Things” from Grand Ledge

Paul Baribeau “Never Get to Know” from Paul Baribeau

Andrew Jackson Jihad “#armageddon” from Live at the Crescent Ballroom

Andrew Jackson Jihad “American Tune” from Live at the Crescent Ballroom

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone “Optimist vs. The Silent Alarm (When The Saints Go Marching In)” from Vs. Children

Ramshackle Glory “The Hand You Reach Out Is Empty (As Is Mine)” from One Last Big Job

Ramshackle Glory “Your Heart Is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist” from Live the Dream

Pedals On Our Pirate Ships “The Asshole King” from Collection 2006 – 2010

Daniel Johnston “Never Relaxed (Songs Of Pain)” from Welcome to my World

Atom and His Package “Upside Down From Here” from Hair: Debatable

Atom and His Package “Seed Song” from Redefining Music

The Extra Glenns “Going to Marrakesh” from Martial Arts Weekend

The Mountain Goats “Going to Scotland” from Nothing for Juice

The Mountain Goats “First Few Desperate Hours” from Tallahassee

MeWithoutYou “Bethlehem, WV” from [untitled] e.p.

mewithoutYou “The Fox, The Crow And The Cookie” from It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright

Mischief Brew “Coffee, God, And Cigarettes” from Songs From Under The Sink

Defiance, Ohio “Cigarettes” from Midwestern Minutes

Defiance Ohio “Hey Kathleen, Are You Hungry?” from Share What Ya Got

Spoonboy “Fireball or “What I Learned From TV”” from I Love You, This Is A Robbery

Duck. Little Brother, Duck! “Michael Jackson (No.. We’re Serious)” from Survival Is Not a Workout

Sledding With Tigers “Take It from Me, Michael Jordan” from Come on and Slam

Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass “Wannabe Surfer II” from Breakfast

The Mr. T Experience “Will You Still Love Me When I Don’t Love You?” from Our Bodies Our Selves

Beans On Toast “Human Contact” from Human Contact

Human Kitten “Fuck, Dude” from The Day After EP

Human Kitten “Mother Land” from An Embrace of Incomprehension

Days N Daze “Post Party Depression” from Rogue Taxidermy

My Pizza My World “Old Glass Table” from What the Fuck Is Going On?

The Wild “We Will Drive These Warlords Out” from A Collection

The Max Levine Ensemble “Big Problems, USA” from Backlash, Baby

Wingnut Dishwashers Union “My Idea of Fun” from Burn the Earth! Leave It Behind!