* programming note: the best of 2016 show will air Monday, December 12th at 10pm!

Radio Still Sucks with Jeff T 11/28/2016 10:00PM to 12:00AM

Stars “I Died So I Could Haunt You” from “The Five Ghosts”
Sarah Dougher “Secret Porno Collector” from “Day One”
Windmill “rollercoaster” from “Rollercoaster – Single”
matt pond PA “Winter Lives” from “Winter Lives”
The Magnetic Fields “’74: No” from “50 Song Memoir”
Work of Saws “Tangerines and Blue Cheese” from “Motivation and Watertower Grammer”
The Mr. T Experience “King Dork” from “Shards, Vol. 1”
Green Day “Dominated Love Slave” from “Kerplunk!”
Eels “Spunky” from “Beautiful Freak”
Conor Oberst “The Rain Follows the Plow” from “Ruminations”
M. Ward “Vincent O’Brien” from “Transfiguration of Vincent”
She & Him “God only knows” from “God Only Knows – single”
PWR BTTM “Ugly Cherries” from “Ugly Cherries”
Melissa Ferrick “Some Kinda Nerve (Live)” from “Skinner, Faster, Live at the B.P.C.”
JPNSGRLS “circus” from “Divorce”
Bomb the Music Industry! “Planning My Death” from “Adults!!!… Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited by Nothing!!!!!!!”
Calexico “Alone Again or” from “Convict Pool – EP”
NOFX “I’m a Transvest-Lite” from “First Ditch Effort”
Dr. Frank “She Turned Out to Be Crazy” from “Show Business Is My Life”
Cheap Girls “Stop Now” from “Find Me a Drink Home”
The Julie Ruin “Rather Not” from “Hit Reset”
Dizzy Dizzy Mk II “We’re Gonna Rumble” from “Gizmo Nation Comp”
Dowsing “hold” from “Hold – Single”
Weaves “Tick” from “Weaves”
Grumbling Fur “Strange the Friends” from “Furfour”
Swearin’ “movie star” from “Swearin'”
Okkervil River “Okkervil River R.I.P.” from “Away”
Dinosaur Jr. “Left/Right” from “Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not”
The Front Bottoms “The Plan (F*ck Jobs)” from “Back On Top”
The Get Up Kids “Close to Home” from “Something To Write Home About”
The Get Up Kids “I’ll Catch You” from “Something to Write Home About”
Stars “Personal” from “In Our Bedroom After The War”