Our Best of 2016 show.


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Radio Still Sucks  with Jeff T 12/12/2016 10:00PM to 12:00AM


The Flaming Lips “Space oddity” from “Space Oddity – Single”

Car Seat Headrest “Fill in the Blank” from “Teens of Denial”

Jeff Rosenstock “Wave Goodnight to Me” from “Worry.”

Modern Baseball “mass” from “Holy Ghost”

Slaughter Beach, Dog “Mallrat Semi-Annual” from “Welcome”

You Won’t “1-4-5” from “Revolutionaries”

Laura Gibson “Damn Sure” from “Empire Builder”

Matt and Kim “Please No More” from “We Were the Weirdos – EP”

The Interrupters “by my side” from “Say It out Loud”

NOFX “Sid and Nancy” from “First Ditch Effort”

The Thermals “thinking of you” from “We Disappear”

Ramona “creep” from “Sad Brunch – EP”

JPNSGRLS “circus” from “Divorce”

The Prettiots “Suicide Hotline” from “Funs Cool”

Slingshot Dakota “Lewlyweds” from “break”

The Paranoid Style “Certain Lists” from “Rolling Disclosure”

Her Space Holiday “The Astronauts Are Sleeping – Enter” from “The Astronauts Are Sleeping Volume 1 (Out of Print,)”

Cheap Girls “Her and Cigarettes” from “Find Me a Drink Home”

David Bazan “with you” from “Blanco”

Conor Oberst “Next of Kin” from “Ruminations”

John Congleton & The Nighty Nite “You Are Facing the Wrong Way” from “Until the Horror Goes”

Damien Jurado “Kola” from “Visions of Us on the Land”

Jimmy Eat World “Integrity Blues” from “Integrity Blues”

Mitski “Your Best American Girl” from “Puberty 2”

Sleeping At Last “Instead of Myself” from “The Spring (Original Score)”

Frightened Rabbit “Death Dream” from “Painting of a Panic Attack”

David Bazan “Trouble with Boys” from “Blanco”

La Sera “High Notes” from “Music For Listening To Music To”

John K. Samson “Winter Wheat” from “Winter Wheat”

Lucy Dacus “Map on a Wall” from “No Burden”

Hallelujah the Hills “Realistic Birthday Music” from “A Band Is Something to Figure Out”

Regina Spektor “The One Who Stayed and the One Who Left (Bonus Track)” from “Remember Us to Life (Deluxe)”