Radio Still Sucks with Jeff T 2017-04-24 22:00:00 to 00:00:00

Lincoln “Saint Bernard” from “A Constant State of Ohio – EP”
Bleachers “I Wanna Get Better” from “Strange Desire”
Dude York “tonight” from “Sincerely”
Sleater-Kinney “No Cities To Love” from “No Cities To Love”
The Wild “Our Cities” from “A Collection”
TEENAGE COOL KIDS “Landlocked State” from “Denton After Sunset”
Dollar Signs “I Hope I Don’t Fuck This Up” from “Yikes”
Mischief Brew “O, Pennsyltucky!” from “This Is Not For Children”
Wingnut Dishwashers Union “Proudhon in Manhattan” from “Burn the Earth! Leave It Behind!”
Defiance, Ohio “You are Loved” from “Midwestern Minutes”
Nana Grizol “Nightlights II” from “Ursa Minor”
The Shins “So Now What” from “Heartworms”
The Weepies “Mend” from “Wish I Was Here (Music From the Motion Picture)”
Kate Micucci “Mr. Moon” from “songs – EP”
Sprites “I Started a Blog Nobody Read” from “Modern Gameplay”
The New Pornographers “We’ve Been Here Before” from “Whiteout Conditions”
The Mountain Goats “Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1” from “Transcendental Youth”
Fang Island “Dreams of Dreams” from “Fang Island (Deluxe Edition)”
Fang Island “Careful Crossers” from “Fang Island (Deluxe Edition)”
Guided By Voices “Hive Five Hall of Famers” from “August By Cake”
Great Cynics “Don’t Buy the Sun” from “POSI”
Misfits “Last Caress” from “Beware”
Bratmobile “Where Eagles Dare” from “The Real Janelle EP”
Citron 7 “Parlor” from “Live”
Dreas Band “Popular Kids” from “Demo”
Kepi Ghoulie “It’s a Wonderful Life” from “Lost and Lovin’ It!”
The Groovie Ghoulies “Beth” from “Appetite for Adrenochrome”
Dr. Frank “Ask Beth” from “Show Business Is My Life”
The Mr. T Experience “More Than Toast” from “Our Bodies Our Selves”
The Mr. T Experience “God Bless Lawrence Livermore” from “Shards, Vol. 2”
The Smugglers “Coffee, Tea or Me?” from “Rosie”
Bleachers “Don’t Take the Money” from “Don’t Take the Money – Single”
Sorority Noise “Second Letter from St. Julien” from “You’re Not As ______ As You Think”
Aye Nako “Nightcrawler” from “Silver Haze”
Aimee Mann “Philly Sinks” from “Mental Illness”
Deep State “Thought Garden” from “Thought Garden”